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  Manufacturing Process
Flats received are cut to the required sizes and of suitable grade for application are sent for hot rolling. After several passes of hot rolling sheets are then stress relived for further process of pickling. At pickling surface scale is removed to process sheets for cold rolling. The finished pickled sheets are then passed to several quality control checks before sending them for finishing. The finished sheets are then trimmed for further operations of circle cutting and sheet cutting as per the pre-determined grade and gauges.

Circles are then pressed, trimmed and groomed to the finished sizes. The finished Utensils or component is then polished and packed as per the specifications.

Sheets are sent for various routes of manufacturing which involves bending, welding, grooving, end sealing and buffing or polishing. The Utensils are passed through various quality control checks for finish, gauging, leak test and physical conditions. The finished and inspected Utensils or containers are packed according to specifications.
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